Friday, October 28, 2011

mental ray skin shader update

so i was looking for a way to make all the shaders in my facial performance capture test looking better i was searching the net for any kind of tuts or help , and then ... i found masters zap blog and there a post about mental ray skin and ways to edit it HERE
in there i found some edited version of the native mental ray skin shader.
after that i found
"infinite realities" PAGE on the same subject , and in there
i found another skin shader that is also based on the master zap skin+ shader
long story short i set down to try it and it completely changed my work.
really sweet shader from tony reynolds
here are some test renders :
and here is the basic setup i used for the shader:

ok that's about it , now i need to render the sequence and see how it goes
and maybe fix that creepy smile ...

Thursday, September 1, 2011

performance capture test :)

hi there
this is a test i made for a performance capture workflow
its kind of dated but i hope you'll like it :)
its not in English so bare with me ...

Saturday, January 8, 2011

2d face traking converted to morphs

this is a test i did of an idea i had for converting facial tracking
into morph based animation...
sounds confusing ??? i made a tutorial chart to explain the process :

From tests

and here is fast video i made with my mad after effects skills
of the process and the render test
this is strait off the tracking conversion , no tweaking done yet and i left
the animation of the eyes to be done manually
(im blinking to much) the system is made in a way that i can just drop
an animation layer on the gui and use the tracking as a base .

i might do a tutorial in the future if there will be demand for it.